Aspects of Love

​Classical Indian dance consists of three aspects: nritta, abstract dance; nrtya, descriptive dance; and natya, dramatic dance. The nine rasas are used to interpret the feelings of the various male and female characters, from devine to human level. As both bharata natyam and kathak are solo dances the dancer is taught to interpret all characters. The nine rasas are: shringara, love; vira, the heroic sentiment; hasya, laughter; karuna, compassion; raudra, anger; bhibatsa, disgust; bhayanaka, fear; adbhuta, wonder; and shanti, peace, dream, sleep. Shringara is regarded as Rajarasa, the royal sentiment, as love can negate all bad sentiments. There is love for God, love for the human lover and love for the child. In this evenings program three dancers interpret love in nine dances.

It is Lucy Bannon, who is English, but has lived in Denmark for the last 20 years. She has studied Odissi with Sankar Behara and Kathak with Saraswati Sen and her guru Birju Maharaj in India. She has performed extensively in India, England and Denmark, and this evening she will perform Kathak accompanied on tabla by Sandipan Chatterjee.

Anna Kav is from Minsk in Belarus. She studied art in Minsk and through these studies she got involved with Ludmila Khatuleva, who taught and performed bharata natyam. Later Anna decided to go to Benaras Hindu University. She has a B.A. in both bharata natyam and sanskrit and is now studying Sanskrit at Copenhagen University.

Annemette Karpen has a M. A. degree in Theatre Research from Copenhagen University and is educated as a bharata natyam dancer at M.S. University, Dance Department in Baroda, India, where she studied with Parul Shah and at Rhitham Academy in New York, U.S. A., where she studied with Ritha Devi. She has been performing extensively in India, U.S.A., Scandinavia and Germany.

You can reserve seats at 26 49 14 40 and you are welcome to bring some friends.

Time: Friday March 25 at 8 pm 2011

Place: Ansgar Church, Mågevej 33, Copenhagen NV

Tickets: 90 kr. for non-members, 70 kr. for members

Kastrupvej 98 A . ​2300 København S . Tlf.32 97 14 40