Om Annemette

Dance education

Classical Ballet: Mona Vangsaae, Elsa Marianne von Rosen, Rosella Hightower

Bournonville School: Edel Pedersen, Toni Lander

Modern Dance: Diane Black, George Mills, Kim Kan

Bharata Natyam: Kumari Subhadra, Tripunithura Schoole of Fine Arts,Dr. Parul Shah, Dance Department, University of Baroda (since 1978),

Ritha Devi, Rithham Chandra Academy, New York (since 1987)

Academic Education

M.A. Degree in Theatre Research from University of Copenhagen 1980. Masters Thesis on Indian Dance and Drama: “Bharata Natyam and Kathakali, Research on Past, Present and Future”, published by University of Copenhagen 1981.

Diploma in Labanotatioan, Juillard School of Performing Arts/Dance Notation Bureau, New York 1987-88.

Participation in conferences

Wrote and red the paper “Labanotation for Indian Dance” at the 11th European Conference for Modern South. Asian studies, Amsterdam University, July1990.

Wrote and lectured the essay “Identity and Ethnicity through Bharata Natyam” at 1st Nordic Conference for South Asian Studies, Denmark Oct. 1991.

Wrote and lectured on the essay “Can a Classical Dance Tradition such as Bharata Natyam Survive without the Influx of New Works?” at the 12th European Conference for Modern South Asian Studies, Humboldt Universität, Berlin, Sept. 1992, published 1993.

Convener at and read the paper 'New Themes for Bharata Natyam, the Classical Dance Drama of Tamil Nadu' at 13th European Conference for Modern South Asian Studies, University of Toulouse, Aug. 1994.

Convener at the 14th European Conference for South Asian Studies at University of Copenhagen Aug. 1996.


“Mona Vangsaae – a Life in the World of Ballet” Copenhagen, 1987.

'Skabelse - et teaterprojekt for børn'
Kirkernes Ulandsoplysning, København, 1996

Writes for magazines in New York, England, Denmark, Sweden, and India.

From 1993 writer on Asian Dance and Drama on The Danish National Encyclopedia and Theatre Lexicon 2006.

Several television programs in Denmark and SriLanka.

Video productions on Bharata Natyam and Erotocritos

Professional affiliation as Member of ADITI, the organization of professional South Asian dancers in England and

ABHAI, the organization on professional bharata natyam dancers in India.

Studies abroad

Moscow/Leningrad (March, 1974), Ateliers Choregraphiques, Angers (July, 1974), Avignon Festival and Seminar (July 1075), Stockholm(November, 1976), Centre International de la Danse,Cannes(July,1977). Odin Theatre: Indian Theatre Seminar (March, 1977). India:Delhi, Bombay; Cochin, Bangalore, Baroda(1978). Odin Theatre: Seminar on Orissi Dance (January, 1979). Odin Theatre: Dario Fo Seminar (March, 1980). Odin Theatre: ISTA Seminar (November, 1980). Seminar on Kathakali, Fools 2 (July,1981). India: Cochin, Madras, Baroda(1983). Rudolf Penka Course: The Methods and Theories of the Actor (1983/84). Odissi Dance and Music by Sanyukta Panegrahi, Dance in Dialogue (1995), Dance Medicine, Dance in Dialogue (1996), International Story Tellers Festival, Lejre Prehistoric Center (1996), Modern Indian Dance, Shobana Jayasingh Dance Company, Dance in Dialogue (1997), Asian Theatre Seminar, Dance in Dialogue (1998).

Choreografic Works

“The Elv’s Hill” (1974).

“Stages” (1974).

“The Story about Jealousy” (1975).

“Kama/Veil Dance” (1975).

“Pan/Home Destruens” (1976).

“The Dream of Eternity”(1977). “Pierette’s Veil”(1979).

“The May Night” (1980).

“Bhakti” (1981)

“Brahma Creates Death” (1983).

“The Death of Friday” (1986).

“Krishna Songs” (1987).

“North and South” (1987). “Bhajans”(1989).

“Radha’s Dream” (1990).

“Aspects of Love” (1991). “Ashtapadi” (1992).

“Erotocritos” (1995)

'Erotocritos' performed at Boldhus Theatre in Copenhagen, June, July and August 1995, Music Libarry in Odense, 1996, Town Hall at Hora, Lesbos in Greece, 1996.

  • Topics have been:
  • Invitation to Indian Dance – a Journey in Time and Space to the Ancient Temples of India
  • Devadasis– Dancers, Courtesans or Priestesses? Their Artistic and Social Functions
  • Indian Culture Experienced Through the Media of Dance
  • Hindu Mythology Reflected in theTemple Dance
  • Bharata Natyam: The South Indian Classical Temple Dance
  • Kathakali:The Dance Drama and its Influence on Modern Indian Theatre
  • Dance and Drama in South India

A performance, lecture performance or workshop makes an interesting addition to feature weeks, work periods or exhibitions on India or Indian culture. They also make an inspiring supplement to Ballet, Modern Dance or Ethnic Dance Education. Or they can form an integral part at festivals or seminars in Wold Music and World Dance. But Bharata Natyam can also be a spiritual experience for those working with yoga, meditation, healing and the esoteric science. The sculpturesque dance movements can be used as an exciting theme in the arts of education.

Dance connoisseurs have called Annemette: A very unusual artist with a fine understanding of the noble art of Bharata Natyam, a dancer with a broad spectrum of mimic expressions, a performer with a wide range of dramatic interpretation, a gracefull flow of movements and an exact balance in the beautiful dance poses.

Teaching and Directing since 1977

Drama and Creative Movement at: Copenhagen Adult Education, The Royal Danish School of Educational Studies, International Peoples Center, AOF Theatre Project “Us and Them”, Bergen County (New Jersey) furthermore she has given workshops in schools all over Denmark.

Modern and Classical Ballet at: Music College, University of Baroda (India) Teprisichore Ballet Club in Odense, Englewood Dance Theatre and Center for More Than Dance, New Jersey (USA).

Indian Dance and Drama at: Rørvig Folk High School, Copenhagen Kindergarden College, Bauneholm Folk High School, Cantabile 2, The Rhythmic School, The Open University, Sangeet Natya Akademi in Lund and Studiefrämjändet Hälsingborg(Sweden), Theatre and Movement, The Women’s Folk High School, Indian Theatre Seminar, School of Oriental Dance and she has given
workshops in many educational institutions and taught scores of private students.

Direction of the sanskrit drama 'Shakuntala' at Århus high school level.

Directing and choreography of 'Creation - a Theatre Project for Children' over 6 months at Ecumenical Center, Århus 1995.

Organized Indian Dance with Biblical Themes at chuch services in Denmark with Francis Barboza in 1996.

Directing and choreography of 'Destruction and a New Beginning' a dance project on destruction myths of the Apocalypse of the Bible, the Nordic Eddas and the hindu Dasavatara text from the 'Vishnu Purana' for Schools in Copenhagen, organized by Pedagogical Center and Folkekirkens Skoletjeneste, 1998.

Participated with Claire Porter in a Choreographic Lab visiting dance institutions in New York.

Worked from 1975-86 as dancer/actor at the Cassiopaja Theatre.

Research work at The Theatre Museum in Copenhagen.


Among others: Wishva Hindu Prarisad World Conference, Forum Hall, The Milky Way Theatre, Body-Mind-Spirit Exhibition, KB Hall, Hara Krishna Centers and Temples, Montmatre Jazz Club, Theosophical Society, Wurst Theatre, Krassnapolski, Danish Indian Society, Malmö Art Hall, Rudolf Steiner Schools, Indian Festival (since 1986) Windsor Theatre, “Rickshaw Project”, Danish Tamil Society, Public Libraries in New York and New Jersey states (USA) Dancin’ City, Kulturnatten in Lund (Sweden, since 1990), Indian Music Society, Klostermoster, Svendborg Folk High School, Brenderup Folk Highschool, Senior Citizen’s Center in Malmö (Sweden) Hamburg Tour with live musicians at Werkstatt 3, Monsoon Theatre, Rieckhoff’s and Museum of Anthropology (Germany 1990), Fakiren, “Indian Culture Experienced Through the Media of Dance” with Dr. Parul Shah at schools and institutions in Funen (Sept. 1991), Earth Household, School of Oriental dance, Old Church Cultural Center, Bergen Museum of Arts and Sciences, Bergen County Scouts, Arts Center of Nothern Jersey, School for the Visual Arts, School of Practical Philosophy, New City Library, New City in New York State, Rasmus Rask College, Eslöv School, Det fri Aktuelt, Boutique Salaam, Vesterbro Cultural Center, Lilla Teatern in Lund (Sweden), Social Workers Education in Eslöv (Sweden) International People’s Society, House 88, Music Library in Odense,Open Air Museum, KIT India Performances, Bakkehuset, Ethnic Party in Vega, Indian Embassy of Copenhagen, Virum School India Project, Roskilde 800 Years Anniversary, Multicultural Party at Denmark's Design School, Ethnic Dance Project at Denmark's Highschool for Physical Education, AOF Adult Education in Herlev and Glostrup, The New Carlsberg Glyptotek, Berlingske Tidende's Ethnic Party,John F. Kennedy Center, Odd Fellow Palais, DGI Byen, Bahai Center, Sundby Church, Folkekirkens Skoletjeneste, Danish Indian Child Help, Nimb, Tivoli Gardens, N.U. Ashrama, India projects at The Swallows all over Denmark and at Nørrebrohallen, SAS NET, University of Lund, Asia Institute, University of Copenhagen, Amma Society and Scandinavian Kriya Center, Copenhagen, India Projects at many public schools, Politikken, UNESCO 50th anniversary, Novo Nordisk, Sagohuset, Ansgar Kirke, Brønshøj Bibliotek, Østerstrøm Balletskole i Norge, Vejle Amt, Krudttønden, Grundvigskolen, Berlingske Tidende, Fulgevængets Børnehus, Zahles Gymnasium, Karens Minde Kulturhus, Kulturnatten i Odense, Danske Bank, ITC Infotech ltd., Dansmarks Højskole for legemsøvelser, Bagsværd Friskole, Frederiksberg Sommer Underholdning, Drivhuset, Ankerhus, Verdensbilleder i Århus, South Asia Conference, University of Lund, Solvognen, Saftkogeriet, Internationalt Hus, Rådhuset i Odense, Tarm Efterskole, Pedagodical Center Frederiksberg, Sæt Verden i bevægelse, Dan Mission, Rosenhaven, Musik Biblioteket and Badstuen i Odense, and private weddings, anniversaries, doctoral celebrations, Diwali, Navaratri, Gurupurnima and Holi celebrations. Chuch service with bharata natyam dance on various biblical themes at Church of Holy Ghost

Ramayana Project with Theater Bava in all public gardens of Malmö (Sweden) and Tivoli Gardens, HC Ørsted Park, Embassy of India and Frederiksberg Town Hall (Denmark) summer 1997 and at Theater Bava in Malmö Fall 1997 and at public schools in Mora May 1998 (Sweden). Workshop at Korsør junior highschool 2012. Performance at Sagohuset, Lund Sweden 2012. Citrangada, dance drama with Armit Chatterjee at tabla Apratim Majumdar at sarod, Karensminde cultural center, Johannes church and Sagohuset in Lund 2013.Perfomance at Ansgar church with Anna Kav 2013. Performance på Brøndshøj libary 2013. Performance at Durga Puja for Bengal Association 2014. Performance with Diana Petrova at Allerød cultural days 2014. Workshop with 110 highschool students at Aalborghus 2014. Performance at Lyngby libary 2014. Citrangada dance drama at Solvang libary, with Ranajit Sengupta at sarod and Shririn Sengupta with vocal 2014. Performance and workshop with Diana Petrova at Nata yoga center 2014. Performance with Diana Petrova at Nata yoga center 2015. Workshop at kindergarden at Enghavevej 2015. Citrangada dance drama, with Johan Vedel at dilrupa and Bubu Munshi with vocal at Västra libary in Lund, one for children and one for adults 2015. Performance Chinkye yoga center with Diana Petrova 2015. Performances at KUNSTEN in Aalborg 2016. Performance at The Jewish nersuryhome 2018. Performance for Danish Indian Socity at their 70 years anniversary at Aisia House April 2018.

Lecture Performances at Uppsala University, Institute for Religion and Institute for Anthropology(Sweden) and University of Copenhagen, Institute for Dance Aesthetics and Institute for Religion and lectures in Indian dance and music at Moesgård Institute for Ethography(Denmark).

Workshops at Middlesex Teen Arts Program (USA).

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